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Koi fish pond builder

Hanako Koi Ponds is a fish ponds and water gardens builder. Joey Acevedo opened the company in April of 1997 in South California. He is still on a front line for the healthy environment. He is still active to make koi, gold fish, turtles and other water pets happy. As a result, we always build a relaxed, recharging water garden atmosphere.

What do we do?

We believe there are no shades between high and low quality. We believe only in Quality and no quality work done. And we are proud to be known as a company which always does the Quality job, best result in any thing we do:

    • koi fish ponds;
    • ponds for gold fish, turtles;
    • water gardens;
    • water falls;
    • tranquil streams;
    • fountains;
    • ponds with lighting;
  • and other water features you could imagine.

How do we do?

Our passion is to make sure a natural surrounding of our clients home yards is healthy. Therefore, we utilize newest technologies in filtration and aeration. In addition, a sense of a good landscaping design and a well established network of affiliates and suppliers helps to achieve goals. As a result, Hanako Koi Ponds gained its good reputation as quality ponds builder and reconstruction contractor!

Hanako Koi Ponds builder and reconstructor

Quality is Hanako Koi Ponds’s basics


The range of tasks we cover is wide. We gladly build a low cost budget private streams across one’s backyard and, also, a huge fish pond in a national park’s water garden. Also, we feel similar confident building from the ground and reconstructing an old fashioned feature. Yet, we love traveling and don’t count miles going to every other project.

Beyond the frames

The name of the company came from its namesake, “Hanako”. She was Japan’s most famous Koi fish and lived to a record 226 years. Joey Acvedo, the owner of the company, is really passionate about all animals well being. Therefore he does his best to also educate people in how to build ponds correctly. Due to the desire to spread information, Hanako Koi Ponds established a  video show, now operating on YouTube as a Koi Zone TV channel.

Koi Zone TV trailer

If you want us to build or reconstruct a pond for you, just give us a call. You are also welcome to subscribe the Koi Zone TV video channel. Ask any question in the comments below the episodes. Joey will come to give the professional advice on your issue or simple curiosity. We are always happy to speak about an awesome world of underwater life.


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