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Joey Acevedo is the owner of the Hanako Koi Ponds and a leader of the crew. He is in charge of the design of new water features. He, also, estimates a budget for the construction and will always try to adjust it to the best of client’s scale. Yet, still, long lasting quality remains a Must.

Joey grew up surfing on the California coast. Fish would often join him as he waited for the perfect wave. Joey found tranquility in the water and grew passionate about fish. Joey also grew up learning the art of construction. Twenty years ago, he combined his skilled knowledge of construction and his love of fish into a perfect mixture and created a Koi pond business.

The major focus of his business is koi fish ponds. But, as Joey says, koi fish demand of care and attention to the quality of living conditions is above average. That is why, if a pond is good of koi, any water creature is going to love it, whatever they are:

    • koi fish
    • golden fish
    • turtles
    • and other


Joey Acevedo builds amazing environment for his clients’ koi fish to thrive and live happy, healthy lives. God’s gift of feeling the universal harmony, balance and natural beauty in everything helps Joey to design his water features well set within the environment, whatever it is, a small private backyard or a huge public water park. Joey is highly passionate about all living creatures, so he is always naturally called to where owners want to see their fishes healthy and happy.

Recently Joey, representing the Hanako Koi Ponds, established a cooperation with WaveDesign Production and Management. The two want to run a special unscripted reality show. Clealy, the aim of the show is to educate in what is a right and wrong pond for koi. While the production, it appeared Joey is also a gifted show host.
The name of the show is Koi Zone TV, it currently operates as a YouTube channel.

unscripted reality show Koi Zone

Koi Zone TV cover title


fish lady